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Weekly Safety Message (9/14/18)


Weekly Safety Message (9/4/18)

Preventing Log Issues – This is a reminder that with the updated systems on the Omnitracs units, the system will periodically ask for information such as a load number, a DVIR, or a trailer number. Anytime the system asks for information, or provides a space to enter information, you must enter it.  If you do not, the duty status may not function correctly causing unnecessary down time.  This is especially important when using Personal Conveyance and Yard Movements. These systems are a lot more sensitive than before so please allow time to double check that all information or movements are entered correctly and remarks have been made when necessary.  Also, please remember that the system requires you to approve or certify your logs daily, if you exceed 24 hours without doing so, the system will prevent you from moving forward in your logs.

Weekly Safety Message (8/27/18)

Back to School – School is back in session and that means that you, our Professional drivers, are sharing the road once again. Please remember to be more patient as traffic becomes more congested with students, parents, and teachers who are getting back into routine.  Stay on the lookout for new drivers with fresh licenses who are taking roads for the first time and for an increased number of pedestrians.  Please be cautious in residential areas, school zones, and near school buses.

Weekly Safety Message (8/20/18)

Protect yourself from the Heat – Although the summer months are coming to an end, it is still very warm in most places.  Most of us enjoy the warm weather but the heat can be dangerous when combined with work and physical activity.  In order to avoid Heat Exhaustion please drink lots of water/fluids, avoid hot spots, seek cool areas, and wear light colored, loose fitting clothes.  Please stay cool, hydrated, and safe!

Weekly Safety Message (8/13/18)

Wildfire Awareness – Weather conditions continue to remain warm and dry in most of the country and for the Western States there is an elevated risk for wildfire. In the past week, there has been an increase of wildfires in the Northwest which were caused by dragging tire chains and/or securement chains. Please take the time to review the “Wildfire” flyer posted on Media Manager and the Transflo app. Also, please check your equipment to ensure you do not have any hanging chains or other metal which may make contact with the roadway and cause a spark or wildfire. If you see a fire start, please pull over and call 911 immediately. Take the time, check your equipment and drive safely!

Weekly Safety Message (8/7/18)


In the past month, there have been 19 preventable backing incidents/accidents reported to DTL Safety. As a driver, there are various backing scenarios you encounter on a daily basis and most include difficult challenges such as tight quarters, impeding objects, and blind-side backing.  It is important to remember to check latches on trailer doors, use your mirrors, and find a spotter when needed.  Always G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look) to check for clearance on all sides of the T/T Unit before backing.

Thank you and drive safe!

Weekly Safety Message (7/30/18)

New Guidance on Personal Conveyance – Many times drivers are parked at the customer and their Hours of Service clock has expired.  The FMCSA has released guidance to add the use of Personal Conveyance to travel from a customer to the nearest safest place to park in order to complete the proper required rest break.  It can also be used if a safety official requests movement of the tractor/trailer unit.  Personal Conveyance cannot be used to further the load for financial gain, to move the unit(s) after being placed Out of Service by a Safety Official, or to travel from a customer’s location to a terminal after a loading or unloading.

Please refer to the document below or on Media Manager for more information.

 Weekly Safety Message (7/23/18)

Are you logging on duty time properly? Did you know FMCSA On-duty time means all time from the time a driver begins to work or is required to be in readiness to work, until the time the driver is relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work. On-duty time in your logs should include: Pre-trip and post trip inspections; loading and unloading; fueling and scaling; Roadside Inspections and Citations; Accidents and Drug testing; Load checks and securement; and time repairing, obtaining assistance, or remaining in attendance upon a disabled commercial motor vehicle.  Please be sure to properly log your on duty time to avoid accumulating CSA points. Please feel free to contact the safety department with any questions.

Important Reminder Regarding Engine Brakes (7/20/18)

Sent on behalf of Matt Lynch, Director of Maintenance Operations:

When descending elevations, always use your engine brakes to slow your speed safely.  We recently had a driver rely solely on the truck’s brakes, which caused the brakes to catch on fire; the truck, trailer and load were a complete loss, totaling over $300,000 in damages.  Luckily, the Driver exited the truck safely.

All Decker trucks are equipped with engine brakes but the engine brakes switch has to be turned on for them to activate.  Remember, to help increase your engine braking power, the truck can be put into manual mode when descending elevations, this gives an audible tone due to manual mode not being enabled; but will still allow the transmission to hold gears longer, maximizing your braking power.  The proper speed for a mountain descent is a speed in which the engine “Jake” brake alone, without use of the service brakes, will allow the truck to maintain a constant controlled speed all the way down the grade, keeping the service brakes in reserve to stop the truck should the need arise.

There is the old Trucker saying that states, “You can come down the mountain too slow as many times as you want, you can only come down it too fast one time!”

Weekly Safety Message – Operation Safe Driver Week (7/13/18)

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week will take place July 15-21, 2018. Traffic safety personnel will be on the lookout for unsafe driving behaviors by commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and passenger vehicle drivers as we work toward zero deaths on our roadways.

For more information:

Weekly Safety Message (7/9/18)

This Safety message is meant to serve as a reminder to always check your permit book anytime you are assigned a new tractor and periodically throughout the year. It is always best to check the permit book BEFORE you leave a DTL Terminal or tractor location in order to avoid complications while on the road.  In the event of an inspection or accident it is important that all necessary paperwork is in your permit book and that all information is current. If you notice that documentation, permits, and/or registrations are expired or missing please contact Stacy Schwan in the Safety and HR Department.

Weekly Safety Message (7/2/18)

Recently, DTL drivers have received an increased number of Red Light Citations in Hannibal, MO; Lufkin, TX; and Marshall, TX. Please be particularly cautious in these areas. Remember to always look ahead and be prepared to stop for traffic signs/signals, as well as traffic. Safety First, Safety Always!

Omnitracs Training Materials for Enhanced AOBRDs (6/6/18)

Below are links to different training materials for our Enhanced AOBRDs.

Cab Card

Cheat Sheet

Training Videos


Corporate Safety Pledge

In order to better communicate the Decker Truck Line, Inc. commitment to safety throughout the company, we are announcing our Corporate Safety Pledge.

Our Safety Pledge expresses the behaviors we expect from all members of the Decker team. These behaviors will enable us to work in a manner that will protect the lives and welfare of our team members and the members of the general public that live and play in our workspace. Adhering to this pledge will allow us to live out our company motto: “Driven to be the Best”.

We promise to…

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