Nov. 2017 Speed Gauge Bonuses

Speed Gauge Bonus (12/6/17)

95 drivers received a $25 bonus for remaining off the Speed Gauge report in November!

As a fleet, Decker reduced our speeding from 13.52% to 12% over the last month. This is a great improvement; we need to continue to reduce speeding as a fleet for your safety and the safety of the motoring public.

Listed below are the drivers and owner-operators who stayed off the speed gauge for the month of November and received a $25 bonus. To those of you who continually choose safety and abide by posted speed limits, THANK YOU!

Mikal Alfred

Eric Avery

Wathaw Avery

James Ayers

Calvin Benson

Thomas Benson

Jerry Bossart

Robert Brewer

William Butterfield

Judy Carnahan

Curtis Carson Jr.

Curtis Carson Sr.

Randall Chamberlin

William Chalmers

Allen Chapman

William Chapman

Zachary Clendenon

Shane Collins

Kendall Comer

Steven Conley

Patrick Corrigan

Johnnie Cox

Travis Crouse

Jared Dahlgren

Ronald Davenport

Richard Davis

Keith Degraw

Mesiman Delaine

Keith Dodge

Teofilo Dorado

Romero Dotson

Dusty Durham

Tracey Edgerton

Mark Elkin

Debra Erickson

Dean Filmer

Jaclyn Fox

Rogelio Garcia

Jorge Garza

Tanner Geisinger

James Gibson

Rodney Graves

Joseph Hardy

Chad Hazelton

Robert Henderson

Richard Hiatt

Richard Hinton

Luzvimindo Idio

Rodney Irwin

Thomas Jones

Steven King

Michael Kinsey

Rodney Knapp

Moussa Kone

Joshua Lairmore

Liam Lederer

Henry Lewis

Ricci Logan

Devin Martin

Matthew McAtee

Jerry McBroom

Matthew Meeker

Jesse Meyer

Richard Miller

Telly Montanez

Sean Morris

Robbie Munson

Sean Neves

Duane Olsen

William Parish

Rick Pitt

Eugene Pitts

Thomas Potter

Ricky Reighard

Lutz Reschke

Matthew Robinson

Wayne Rouse

Lonnie Ruberg

Oscar Ruiz

Robert Schlie

Kevin Sisson

Manford Skatter

Allen Smith

Christopher Smith

Jason Smith

Diane Sullivan

Richard Tewell

Andrew Thomas

William Trotter

Johnny Vetter

Shannon Villegas

Kent Walters

Larry Welter

Randall Williamson

Robert Wolvers

Edward Woodley

Charles Woods

Dana Wright

Ronald Wyatt

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