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Weekly Safety Message (6/22/18)

West Virginia Police Issuing “A Lot” of Tickets to Truckers Ignoring I-77 Detour Signs (6/7/18)

3 DTL drivers have already received $200 fines for disregarding truck detour signs along northbound I-77 in West Virginia. Don’t let this be you! Follow all road signs! 

Omnitracs Training Materials for Enhanced AOBRDs (6/6/18)

Below are links to different training materials for our Enhanced AOBRDs.

Cab Card

Cheat Sheet

Training Videos


Weekly Safety Message (6/5/18)

Roadcheck 2018 is THIS week! June 5 (today) – 7

Be sure to complete thorough pretrip inspections and be prepared for Roadcheck!


Weekly Safety Message (5/30/18)

Roadcheck 2018 is next week! June 5 – 7

Be sure to complete thorough pretrip inspections and be prepared for Roadcheck!

Roadcheck will focus on Hours of Service so remember to have your Omnitracs DOT Quick Reference card available along with 8 days of blank log pages; if you are missing either of these items, please call safety for assistance obtaining them TODAY. And don’t forget, you are operating an AOBRD device, not an ELD.

Thanks, and have a safe week!

Weekly Safety Message (5/21/18)

2018 International Roadcheck is quickly approaching: June 5 – 7. Be prepared for roadside inspections!

Weekly Safety Message (5/14/18)

Be prepared for this year’s International Roadcheck, it will be the first since the ELD mandate went into effect. In addition to having credentials current and with them; ensuring the vehicle is “ready” for inspection; and being willing and able to follow the officer’s instructions, drivers will also need to be well versed on how to present their electronic log and any related materials.


Some industry tips from JJKeller are below:

Roadside Inspection Code of Conduct

  1. Clean the cab
  2. Plan your trip
  3. Conduct a thorough pretrip
  4. Charge and connect HOS devices
  5. Know HOS limits and rules of exception(s) used
  6. Ensure paperwork is in order (including Hazmat)
  7. Confirm prior days’ hours are certified on device
  8. Conduct a thorough post-trip
  9. Complete DVIR to note any safety defects
  10. Be positive

New Corporate Safety Pledge (5/7/18)

In order to better communicate the Decker Truck Line, Inc. commitment to safety throughout the company, we are announcing our Corporate Safety Pledge.

Our Safety Pledge expresses the behaviors we expect from all members of the Decker team. These behaviors will enable us to work in a manner that will protect the lives and welfare of our team members and the members of the general public that live and play in our workspace. Adhering to this pledge will allow us to live out our company motto: “Driven to be the Best”.

We promise to…

Weekly Safety Message (5/7/18)

The focus for this year’s Roadcheck campaign will be on Hours of Service compliance. Part of the reason for this year’s increased attention on Hours of Service regulations is because of the newly implemented ELD mandate.

During last year’s Roadcheck campaign, more than 62,000 inspections were performed. Of these inspected trucks, 19.4% were placed out of service.

As a reminder, DTL is operating AOBRDs (Omnitracs/Qualcomm devices) under the ELD mandate “grandfather” clause. Be prepared for roadside inspections and avoid HOS violations! 

Weekly Safety Message (5/1/18)

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place June 5 – 7, 2018. This year’s focus is on hours-of-service compliance. CVSA reports the top reason for Out of Service inspection during the 2017 Roadcheck was HOS violations – don’t let this be you!!

A few tips to help you navigate roadside inspections successfully and avoid OOS violations:

Click here to read an article with more information.

Weekly Safety Message (4/23/18)

A hazard can be defined as any road condition or other road user (driver, bicyclist, pedestrian) that’s a possible danger. Seeing hazards allows you to be prepared. It allows you to have a plan of action to avoid an emergency; check your mirrors and signal a safe lane-change. The professional driver will always be looking for an anticipating hazards while on the road. Watch and anticipate hazards; it buys you time to plan a way out of an emergency.

Please click the link below to read an article regarding common hazards while driving.

Seeing and Anticipating Hazards

This excerpt was taken from the Safety Management Services Company’s Accident Countermeasures program

Weekly Safety Message (4/17/18)

For the last 2 months the fleet has averaged 4-5 parking lot accidents per week. These accidents can range in damage from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
Small maneuver accidents at truck stops and shipper/receiver lots are avoidable. Remember G.O.A.L. [Get Out And Look] when backing or maneuvering in a tight space.
Thanks and have a safe week!

Weekly Safety Message (4/12/18)

Weekly Safety Message (3/27/18)

Violation Free Inspections in March will earn you $100! Always complete a proper pre-trip and be prepared for an inspection at any time. Remember to always log inspections on duty and report all tickets and inspections within 24 hours by CALLING 1-800-247-2537 and following the prompts to reach the Safety Department.

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