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CSA Blitz Message 22 (2/18/18)

Roadside inspections take time, possibly costing you money in lost loads, missed appointments, and perhaps even receiving a fine for infractions. The key is preparation to avoid bringing undue attention to one’s self and equipment. Always be prepared for a roadside inspection!

Remember, DTL pays $50 for every violation free inspection!

CSA Blitz Message 21 (2/17/18)

This Safety message is meant to serve as a reminder to always check your permit book anytime you are assigned a new tractor and periodically throughout the year. It is always best to check the permit book BEFORE you leave a DTL Terminal or tractor location in order to avoid complications while on the road. In the event of an inspection or accident, it is important that all necessary paper work is in you permit book and that all information is current. If you notice that documentation, permits, and/or registrations are expired or missing, please contact Stacy Schwan in the Safety and HR Dept. at 515-576-4141 x2370.

CSA Blitz Message 20 (2/16/18)

It is critical that we work together to reduce the Unsafe Driving and Controlled Substance CSA scores by reducing violations and increasing violation-free inspections.

We pay you $50 for each violation-free roadside inspection!

Thanks and have a SAFE weekend!

CSA Blitz Message 19 (2/15/18)

Consequences of drug or alcohol violations are immediate, severe, and long lasting. Not only do these violations impact the individual driver, but they also negatively impact the carrier’s CSA scores. Operating under the influence can also result in injury or death to the driver as well as other motorists. NEVER operate under the influence.

CSA Blitz Message 18 (2/14/18)

Our Unsafe Driving and Controlled Substance CSA scores remain a serious concern.

It is crucial that we work together to reduce these scores. The CSA Blitz will continue to focus on ways we can all work to improve in these areas.

Remember to ALWAYS be compliant with all laws and regulations!

CSA Blitz Message 17 (2/13/18)

Proper following distance can allow you to prevent almost any accident. Leave yourself an out! This means ensuring that other drivers do not “box you in” while selecting their lanes. Do not follow other vehicles too closely, and always anticipate what choices other drivers may make.

CSA Blitz Message 16 (2/12/18)

Top Unsafe Driving Violations in 2017 for DTL were Speeding, Construction Zone Speeding, Failure to Obey (Wrong Lane Usage, Fail to Stop for Downgrade, and Fail to Stop at Scale), and Unlawful Parking.

All Unsafe Driving Violations are avoidable, negatively impact your and Decker’s CSA score, and result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Protect your CDL and the motoring public by driving safely at ALL times.

CSA Blitz Message 15 (2/8/18)

This quarter’s safety training focuses on behaviors that can help prevent Unsafe Driving Violations; Eliminating Speeding Events, Proper Seatbelt Usage, and Properly Following Signs and Signals. Please complete your quarterly safety training if you have not already.

CSA Blitz Message 14 (2/7/18)

Safety is an attitude, and it starts each time you step into the cab and buckle your safety belt. Drivers who use safety belts are able to maintain better control of a vehicle when involved in a crash. It’s a fact that lives are saved and the severity of injuries is reduced by buckling up. And remember – it’s the law! Be safe, be smart – always wear your safety belt!

CSA Blitz Message 13 (2/6/18)

Speeding is one of the major causes of accidents. Accidents involving excessive speed are more serious. Speeding citations also affect your driving record and your CSA score, as well as Decker’s. We use SpeedGauge to monitor truck speeds to correct unsafe driving behaviors. For all the drivers who are not speeding – thank you for a job well done! We need everyone to be safe out there. Slow down and obey the speed limits!

CSA Blitz Message 12 (2/5/18)

In 2018, Decker has already had to terminate the employment of three drivers for their repeated failure to wear their seatbelt. Proper seatbelt use is the law; all drivers found to be in violation of this regulation will be subject to the company progressive disciplinary action policy. Always wear your seatbelt!

CSA Blitz Message 11 (2/1/18)

Decker’s Unsafe Driving CSA score is currently in Alert status. It is important for everyone to continue to avoid Unsafe Driving violations in an effort to reduce the score below the threshold. Remember to obey all posted speed limits, never use handheld devices, and watch carefully for all signs/signals.

Thank you to those of you who consistently stay safe and prevent Unsafe Driving violations!

CSA Blitz Message 10 (1/31/18)

Always leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Large trucks require more stopping distance than other vehicles. If you hit someone from behind, they can be seriously injured and the accident is typically considered an “at fault” collision. In addition, citations for “following too close” will result in Unsafe Driving CSA points to your and Decker’s scorecards.

Always keep your distance!

CSA Blitz Message 9 (1/30/18)

In 2018, Decker has already had to terminate the employment of 5 drivers for repeated handheld cell phone use. Hands-free phone usage is the law, all drivers found to be in violation of these regulations will be subject to the company progressive disciplinary action policy. Never hold your phone while driving.

CSA Blitz Message 8 (1/29/18)

Violation free inspections help improve our CSA scores. Complete thorough pre-trip inspections, properly note your logs, and be prepared for roadside inspections. Last week, we have 14 violation-free inspections! Every violation-free inspection results in a $50 bonus to the driver or O/O!

CSA Blitz Message 7 (1/25/18)

Most Unsafe Driving violations occur because the driver is in a hurry or distracted. Some things you can do to help reduce Unsafe Driving violations are:

CSA Blitz Message 6 (1/24/18)

Driving too close to the car in front, undertaking, and failing to signal are widely accepted examples of bad driving. However, some drivers fail to accept that driving too fast is also poor driving, despite the fact that this is a contributory factor in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year.

Stop Speeding Before It Stops You.

CSA Blitz Message 5 (1/23/18)

Driving distracted is dangerous and can result in costly fines or termination. Using a handheld device for any reason while operating a CMV is against federal law. Some tips to keep you safe:

Please contact your Fleet Manager or Safety if you need help setting up or finding the right Bluetooth or a phone mount. Hands free is the only way to be!

CSA Blitz Message 4 (1/22/18)

Failing to use your hazard warning lights, when needed, can result in Unsafe Driving violations and costly citations. In the event of an emergency, activate your hazard warning lights immediately. Three warning devices (reflective triangles) are required to be placed on the highway within 10 minutes of a disabled vehicle coming to a stop. Reflective triangles are stored in a red box located under the bunk on the driver’s side. Placement instructions can be found in the storage box or in your accident kit. Please check to ensure that you have triangles in your truck. Be prepared for an unexpected emergency!

CSA Blitz Message 3 (1/19/18)

Drinking and driving don’t mix. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, many drivers put their safety and that of the general public at risk. At Decker, we’ve seen an increase in alcohol-related violations. Alcohol impairs judgment and affects coordination and vision. What’s worse, individuals under the influence lack the judgment to realize what’s happening. Mixing alcohol with your job as a professional driver is never acceptable. No alcohol in trucks – never drive impaired!

CSA Blitz Message 2 (1/18/18)

With so many things to concentrate on while driving, it can sometimes be easy to miss an open DOT scale. Bypassing a scale is often written up on an inspection as “failure to obey traffic control device”; this is a serious moving violation and carries 15 Unsafe Driving CSA points for both the driver and the company. It is important to be diligent in watching for open scales and all other traffic signs/signals.

Be careful to obey ALL signs and signals!

CSA Blitz Message 1 (1/17/18)

Speeding is Decker’s top Unsafe Driving violation with the most violations being issued for speeding 6 – 10mph over the posted limit. Always be observant of the posted speed limit and watch your speed on hills and curves. If you are running behind on your delivery, do NOT speed; contact your dispatcher to reschedule your delivery appointment. Speeding is dangerous and can be costly to both you and the company. Never speed! Always obey the posted speed limit!

CSA Improvement Blitz (1/16/18)

Today we are kicking off a CSA Improvement Blitz!

Our CSA scores recently updated; DTL remains in alert status for both Unsafe Driving & Controlled Substance BASICs.

Each morning you will receive a safety message focused on CSA improvement via Qualcomm and this app.

The messages are intended to serve as reminders and tips to help avoid further CSA violations and better DTL’s fleet safety scores.

Shop and office employees will also receive the safety messages and are being asked to aid in reducing our scores as well. As a team we can each help reduce our CSA scores!

Thank you!

Consequences of Drug & Alcohol Violations (1/15/18)

During the month of January, two Decker drivers have been written up for Controlled Substance violations – both drug and alcohol. Consequences of drug or alcohol violations are immediate, severe, and long-lasting.

Not only do they violations impact the individual driver, they negatively impact Decker’s CSA scores.

In accordance with company policy, employment with DTL was immediately terminated for both drivers.

Operating under the influence can result in injury or death to the driver as well as other motorists. Alcohol and drugs should NEVER be in your truck.

Please take time to read the following safety briefing on this topic and have a safe week.

When you have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations as a driver, you cannot perform any DOT safety-sensitive duties again, including driving a commercial motor vehicle, for any employer until/unless you complete an evaluation, referral, and education/treatment process set forth by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

A verified positive DOT drug test result, a DOT alcohol test with a result indicating an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater, a refusal to test (including the adulterating or substituting a urine specimen), or any other violation of the prohibition on the use of alcohol or drugs under a DOT agency regulation constitutes a DOT drug and alcohol regulation violation.

Consequences of drug or alcohol violations are immediate, severe, and long lasting. The following is a listing of the most prominent potential consequences:

  • Loss of employment via:
    • Termination
    • To complete the return-to-duty process
  • Loss wages due to unemployment
  • Costs of seeing a Substance Abuse Professional
  • Time commitment to see a Substance Abuse Professional
  • Costs and time of a return-to-work drug/alcohol test
  • Costs and time of follow-up drug/alcohol tests
    • Follow-up tests could be required over the course of several years
    • Tests are direct-observation
  • Positive tests or refusal to test will be documented on your driver record
  • Decreased potential for employment
  • Stigma from others
  • Diminishes your credibility as a professional driver
  • Stress
    • Personal
    • On family

Social pressure is often a contributing factor in the use of drugs and alcohol. Avoid situations were drug and alcohol use may be present.  If you find yourself in a situation, think of the consequences and just walk away.  It’s not worth your time and money.

Safety First (1/8/17)

There is an increased risk of accidents, especially jack-knifes, rear-ends, and lane change collisions, during the winter months. To avoid these types of collisions, it is important to be aware of hazards which can include weather, other motorists, equipment damage, or even your personal behaviors.

Some reminders to help you avoid accidents this winter:

WSM 1.8

Black Ice (1/3/17)

Freezing temps and high winds are impacting many US roadways this week; use your best judgment and let your dispatcher know if you are shutting down. Be aware of the road and weather conditions at all times to reduce your chance of being involved in a winter weather-related crash.

Please login to Media Manager, Facebook, or Pegasus to review a safety brief on Black Ice. Have a good and SAFE week!

wsm 1.3


ELD Mandate (12/18/17)

The ELD mandate is officially here, and Decker Truck Line will continue to operate as usual. As a carrier that has chosen to use electronic logs with Omnitracs for more than 10 years, we are happy to say that you, as a fleet, are prepared for today.Decker has chosen to operate under the AOBRD waiver, this allows us to “grandfather” in our current Omnitracs program for up to 2 years.

As the end-user, you should see no real changes to your in-cab Omnitracs unit or how it presents your HOS information to you.

A few things to note:

WSM 12.18.17

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