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MeMD Mobile App (2/12/18)

One great benefit of Decker health insurance is the MeMD Mobile App. MeMD provides urgent care-type services over the phone using on-demand video exams. This is a free service for all Decker employees and drivers eligible for full time benefits. Download the app and use the plan code in the picture below to register today!

February Newsletter 

Open Road Drivers Plan (2/1/18)

Enroll in the Open Road Drivers Plan to help protect your livelihood!


December 2017 Professional Drivers of the Month (1/25/18)

Congratulations to our December 2017 Professional Drivers of the Month! Thank you for your safe driving and keep up the good work!

December 2017 Speed Gauge Bonuses (1/15/18)

December 2017 Speed Gauge Bonuses


After-Hours Operations Moving into Office Building (1/10/18)

This week, the Fort Dodge After-Hours Operations Team will be relocated to the corporate office building.  After regular business hours, the After-Hours Operations Team can be reached by calling the Decker local line (515-576-4141) or 800 number (800-247-2537) and then chose option #2.  Likewise, you can reach the Maintenance Support Team by dialing option #3.  They will continue to be located in the Maintenance Support Office (formerly known as the Guard’s Office).

Please contact your Fleet Manager if you have any questions.

Thank you.


January 2018 Newsletter (1/3/17)

January 2018 Newsletter_Page_1 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_2 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_3 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_4 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_5 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_6 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_7 January 2018 Newsletter_Page_8


Driver Pay Increase Announcement 3 of 3 (12/26/17)

Driver Pay Increase Announcement - 3 of 3_Page_1 Driver Pay Increase Announcement - 3 of 3_Page_2

New Message on Driver Message Center (12/22/17)

Good afternoon everyone,

There is a new message on the Decker Professional Driver Message Center. This week’s message is a Christmas message from Don Decker discussing driver pay increases, new equipment coming in 2018, and information about how the new tax plan could positively affect Decker drivers.

The number for the DMC is 515-574-4890. There is a limited number of lines; if you get a busy signal, please try again in a few moments.

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Driver Pay Increase Announcement 2 of 3 (12/19/17)

Driver Pay Increase Announcement - 2 of 3


Driver Pay Increase Announcement 1 of 3 (12/13/17)

Driver Pay Increase Announcement - 1 of 3 (12-12-17)


Wellmark Mobile App (12/11/17)

Make managing your health plan easy by downloading the Wellmark Mobile App.

Wellmark App



401(k) Increase (11/22/17)


Your 401(k) participation through Decker is designed to help you achieve your retirement goals. We’re very pleased to announce that effective 11/20/17, the company has increased the employer match from 20% to 30% (up to a maximum of 8% salary deferral).

For example, an employee who is making $35,000 and deferring 8% of their wage will see a $280 increase in Company match alone over the course of a year.

Current participants will receive the higher employer contribution beginning 11/20/17 – there is no need to do anything to receive this increase, the increased match will be calculated in your December 1 paycheck. However, if you’d like to increase your personal deferral, you can call Wells Fargo at 1-800-728-3123 or loginto your retirement account at If you previously opted out of the 401(k) but would now like to participate, you may call Wells Fargo at the number above to be re-enrolled.

Professional Drivers,

To provide you with better maintained equipment and quicker service we have made a few changes at our Fort Dodge Terminal. We have assigned more mechanics to the inspection lane and ask they perform more thorough inspections.  If they encounter light duty repairs, we are fixing them in the lane, so you won’t have to check in at the tractor or trailer shop.  As a result, you may encounter longer wait times in the inspection lane but overall less time waiting for repairs while you are at the Fort Dodge Terminal.  If long-term repairs or PM’s are required, the respective shop will know immediately after you leave the inspection lane.  You can all be rest assured that when you leave Fort Dodge, our equipment will be safe and well maintained.

Lastly, all second shift mechanics will work out of the inspection lane until 11:30 p.m. as the tractor and trailer shops close at 5:30 p.m. We have the same campus hours and same number of mechanics; they will just be in one building after 5:30 p.m. to become more efficient and for everyone’s safety.

We appreciate all you do and thank you for your patience as we roll out these new processes and procedures.

Eric Peters; Vice President of Fleet Maintenance

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